SMX CNC - 60120 (5 x 10)

SMX CNC - 60120 (5 x 10)

The main feature of the SMX 5' by 10' cnc-router is the heavy duty structure able to use big spindle. Various materials can be applied by the machine, such as PVC, Acrylic, wood, PCB, even some soft metal like aluminum and copper. Besides, all the machines are equipped with DSP handle and USB connection, which will bring great convenience by reading USB memory directly. In addition, the machine can achieve the performance of a better resolution and less noise with rack and pinion.

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Model SMX-60120 (4' x 10')

X, Y, Z Guide Linear guide, double on Z
Drive type Stepper motor
X, Y, Z cutting zone (mm) 1550 x 3050 x 200 mm (61’’ x 120’’ x 7.75’’)
Maximum speed 25 000 mm/min (985’’/min)
Spindle 4500W air cooling (6.0 HP)
Interface DSP handle (read USB memory directly )
Repeatability 0.025 mm (0.002 millième)
Spindle tools Φ 3.175(1/8’’), Φ 6 (1/4’’), Φ 12.7 (1/2’’)
Power AC220V ± 10% / 60Hz 1 phases (or 3 phases)
Weight 4400 lbs (2000kg)
Software WinPCSIGN CNC 2014
Warranty 1 year

Financing available

Financing available Financing plan available from 880$ / month